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Electric Fan Heater 2000W Portable with Thermostat 2KW Flat Upright Floor 2in1🔥

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This 2kw protable electric fan heater is ideal for heating small office, rooms, workshops, garages and much more. 

The fan heater has 2 settings for 1kw and 2kw power and a temperature setting, so once the space reaches temperature - the heater will switch off.

The portable fan heater is great for moving around, very easy due to its handles and 2 positions - upright and flat.

The protable electric fan heater will manage to heat most rooms as long as they are well insualted and should only be used occasional use.


  • 2 positions - sits upright or flat
  • 2 heat settings - warm or hot , 1kw or 2kw
  • Handles for carrying240v plug
  • Adjustable thermostat
  • Overheat protection


  • Do not cover Do not use in less than 4m2
  • Use occasionally or in well insulated area