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  • Twill Silk Scarf Floral Print Edition - Smarter Deals UK
  • Twill Silk Scarf Floral Print Edition - Smarter Deals UK
  • Twill Silk Scarf Floral Print Edition - Smarter Deals UK
  • Twill Silk Scarf Floral Print Edition - Smarter Deals UK
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Dew Bees

Twill Silk Scarf Floral Print Edition

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Exuding timeless elegance and style, a Dew Bees Silk Square Scarf is the fundamental accessory of a lady.

Delicately designed in the most intricate floralprints and made of the finest Twill silk, each one of our Ladies Silk Scarves evokes the elegance offlowersand refinement of classic movie stars and royalty.

Adding an aura of sophistication to any outfit and perfect to drape one over your shoulders, tie one around your hair, or loop one through your trousers as a gorgeously unique accessory.

Features of this Twill Silk Scarf Pink Edition Floral Print

Greater Strength

Silk Twill combines the utilitarian strength of the twill weave with the natural strength of silk. In this sense it offers the best of both worlds.

Pattern and Texture

Silk Twill has a diagonal rib, ridge, or wale, but still maintains a smooth texture. Again it offers qualities that contrast beautifully.

Printing and Colours

Printing on silk twill gives a sharp and not fully reversible picture. The texture of twill makes colours play with light and gives an elegant silvery glow to the ties and scarves. This is what makes these scarves so stunning to look at.

Wearability of Silk Twill

One of the great benefits of silk twill is that it has a wonderful drape and excellent durability for its weight. This is one of the key qualities that makes it a very popular choice for many fashion designers and manufacturers. Such items include scarves, shawls, neck scarves, head scarves and ties.

Notable uses of Silk Twill for Scarves

The very famous and prestigiousHermes of Paris silk scarves are mostly made out of the silk twill fabric. This is one of the many reasons why silk twill has become so popular and desirable for women of all ages. Due to the popularity and notoriety of their scarves, as they seek to replicate this stylish and elegant look for themselves.

Composition:100% Twill Silk

Size:175cm x 55cm